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10% off code - The eBay Community

Hi,I received a notofication/ad today on my eBay mobile app regarding a 10% off discount code that I could use. I am pretty sure it said the code is valid for the next 5 days. I went on to browse few items and now I cant find the message/code. Can anyone help how can I find the code please?

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Solved: 15% off coupon not working and I've read the terms

The coupon code, the end date/time of the coupon, the discount which applies to the coupon and, if applicable, the maximum discount available and the minimum Purchase Price ("Purchase Price" means the total price of the items you buy. Just off chat to customer services again who said that they would escalate it and someone would 'try' to

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using 10% off purchase price code - The eBay Community

Also, she needed to have logged into her paypal account before entering the code and applying it. I think she probably just forgot to press "apply" after entering the code, an easy mistake - but once the pay button is pressed there is nothing you can do about it except ask the seller for the purchase to be cancelled, and on this occassion by the time that would have happened the coupon would

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Get 50% off Final Value Fees when you reduce your

In any case, you are almost no better off. For example, say you are selling an item in a 10% category for £100: Before FVF offer: Selling at: £100.00 FVF @ 10%: £12.00 You receive: £88.00 After FVF offer: Selling at: £95.00 FVF @ 5%: £5.70 You receive: £89.30 The difference is even less noticeable than that for those of us who are VAT

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Coupon code - cannot find conditions! - The eBay Community

Yet again, I have received a code by e-mail and it is showing in "my ebay" home page. It says there are conditions such as minimum purchase and certain categories but when I click the link, there is nothing to define the conditions although they keep saying they exist. Ten pounds off like this used

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Win an auction then eBay reneges on 10% voucher PR

Seeking further advice on this in one place: Get a coupon 'PRIZE10' from eBay on 28th June with an expiry time of 23:59 that day. Had been watching an auction item but cost was a high. The coupon taking 10% off that cost made me bid though. I won! I go to pay and the coupon wouldn't work. It t

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£15 off voucher - The eBay Community

Does anyone know how to redeem the £15 off Ebay keeps telling me I can get (shows up under bid / buy it now box). Many thanks. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 8 (22,391 Views) 18 Helpful Highlighted. freedomdwarf View Listings. Community Member. Posts: 578. Registered: ‎03-12-2011. Re: £15 off voucher.

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10 pound off code - The eBay Community

So I got an email from eBay including a code where I can get 10 pound off any order. However when I go to input the code before I purchase the item it says code invalid? Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 8 (4,057 Views) 2 Helpful Highlighted. ruby*tuesday View Listings. Community Member. Posts: 23,119. Registered: ‎17-09-2008. Re: 10

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Ebay seller promotion offer 50 £ voucher - The eBay Community

20% off when you spend £20 or more on ebay. Ends midnight tonight. Maximum coupon code £50 . The original promotion said the terms of the voucher would be stated when the voucher arrived, but the above is a long way away from what I was expecting from their initial promotional email. This was the text from the original email:

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Solved: Discount scam? - The eBay Community

I've just received this e mail. Does anyone know if it is genuine Dear Thank you for being a loyal eBay customer. We appreciate your continued business and apologize for any interruption you may have recently experienced in your shopping. To show our appreciation, we want to offer you a £50 Coup

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