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Free Massachusetts Loan Agreement -

The state usury laws also differ from what you get from other states, and the lenders who are found charging usurious rates above 20% might be forced to void the usurious loan altogether. There is a law on torts too, and the limit for the rates of interest on judgments is 12%.

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Free Nevada Release / Waiver Form -

Who uses this form? Someone who is injured as a result of using a product and the manufacturer of the product, or someone who is injured at a business and the business owner. It is recommended that you consult an attorney before signing any such agreement.

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Bill of Sale Louisiana- General Bill of Sale -

The state of Louisiana got you covered with the watercraft BOS as well as laws that the support the use of the BOS as proof of ownership. To process the document, you will need to populate the BOS form for boats (watercraft) with information like the consideration payable for the boat, the watercraft’s year, style, make, color, and model.

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Free Virginia Bill of Sale -

Three Types of Bill of Sale in Virginia . A bill of sale (BOS) refers to the legal instrument that proves the occurrence of a sale. At the same time, this document proves the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer through a monetary exchange.

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Free Alabama Power of Attorney Form -

The meaning of authority over subjects listed on this form is explained in the Alabama Uniform Power of Attorney Act, Chapter 1A, Title 26, Code of Alabama 1975. This Power of Attorney does not authorize the Agent to make health care decisions for you. Such powers are governed by other applicable law.

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Free New Jersey Loan Agreement -

This is also the reason why in as much as you might have your copy of the free New Jersey loan agreement form, the bank is always coming up with the initial draft of that loan contract. And if you are not careful about the terms and that language used in the agreement, you might not catch the boilerplate language that the bank uses to ensure

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Free Kansas Quitclaim Deed Form -

Note: the state follows the “Race-Notice” recording statute system described in code 58-2222 and 2223. Here, it is required that the deed’s submission for recording is done as directed because the recording imparts constructive notice to any subsequent bona fide purchasers of the conveyed property.

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Free Wisconsin Quitclaim Deed Form -

If you’re ready to prepare a quitclaim deed in Wisconsin, you have to download a free Wisconsin quitclaim deed form. This form is a printable pdf template that will guide you. The form ensures that your deed meets the statutory requirements as prescribed in code section 706.02 (1) of Wisconsin’s Annotated Statutes.

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Free Maine Quitclaim Deed Form -

The form has an outline of every detail required to complete the document. The statutes govern the set of requirements for quitclaims in Maine under 33 MRS 161. As provided for in code section 33 M.R.S. 201, every quitclaim must be recorded for the preservation of the property’s chain of title, and for the public to know about the

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Free Kentucky Quitclaim Deed Form -

The form is a printable PDF which also serves a template. Once you have your free form, ensure that it meets the following requirements: It should identify the full legal names and addresses of the grantor and the grantee.

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