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Vindictus is an action-packed, Free-to-Play MMORPG. Enter a world beyond and experience gratifying real-time combat, epic monsters & glorious visuals.

Actived: Friday Nov 20, 2020


Glorious Crystal Coupon Amount - Vindictus

In order to get that 350-coupon item, you will need to accept the coupons each time you roll. Assuming that you get lucky and roll 4 coupons per box (but not get a rare item), that's 112 coupons max. Does this mean I have to spend $100+ just to guarantee one item worth 350 or 450 coupons? That seems to be quite a lot for just one item.

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+15 Maximum enhancement coupon - Vindictus

Also, if these work the same way as the last time they handed out these coupons, then the coupons will not be labelled with the exact enhancement level you will be getting. You will only know the enhancement level after using it on a piece of equipment, so you can't really strategize on how to use the coupon and just need to assume it is a +10.

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What would you use the +1 quality coupon on? - Vindictus

The issue with events such as quality coupons and enhancement coupons is that it is absurd how abusive they can become. Integrating events in vindictus that give "good" rewards with relative ease actually becomes detrimental to the servers [although it eventually does trickle down, a small portion of players initially end up gaining "free money"].

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+15 Coupon? - Vindictus

I was wondering if they were gonna give +15 coupons just like it happened in KR I think a year ago?-----I'd like another like last time, I got a +11 and a +12 out of that. @JamesGross Git gud like the rest of us-----Like the rest of us-rest of us-us

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Aquisition of new innard and hair by coupon only - Vindictus

So, based on what you spend starting after maintenance yesterday, until the end of 2/15 you can earn the coupons to get the new inner, hair, face tattoo, devil tail, and rockstar outfit. Coupons will be distributed during maintenance on 2/22

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Additional unbind coupon ?! - Vindictus

the way they have unbinds changing to bound items seems to be the issue in that they have no way of returning it to an unbound state afterwards. Also selling permabound +15's from these coupons is silly.

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special max +15 enhancement swap coupon box - Vindictus

Short answer is no. However, I think you misunderstand. You will know what the coupon does before you use it. The enhancement level is unknown only until you open the box that it comes in, and then you can decide what to use the coupon on.

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